The INVITE! For Network Marketing

The invitation is extremely important.  If you cannot get someone in a seat, then there is NO WAY you can ever show them the opportunity!  And if you cannot do that…then you DO NOT have a business!


By the time this timer goes down, you should be off the phone. No really…if you are are talking WAY TOO MUCH! You are vomiting information on the person!  They will not want to have ANYTHING to do with your business, because most likely they will not have any clue what you are talking about or they will not feel like they can do what you just did!  This is why it is SOO important for you to get on the phone and get off the phone in 1 minute or less!

It is important for you to make urgency to your phone call!

Say something like, “Hey how are you_______?………..I cannot talk long, but what are you doing this evening at 7PM.  There is something I would like to share with you!  If it is not for you, no worries, but I thought specifically about you! And thought this is something that you SPECIFICALLY would be interested in!”

That’s it…that’s all!  No more…just get on…and get off the phone!  Now I would encourage you to make it a little more of your personality…but that is the general script of what you need to do.

Well what if they say, “Well what is it?”  Well this is where you have already gave yourself an out….you already said that you cannot talk long, so you an say, “listen I have to get off the phone, but 7pm tonight right?”

Do not over complicate your invitation. K.I.S.S..  Keep it simple!  Let the 3rd party do the conversation.  You just need to get people in seats…that’s your job.  And it is your teams job to show them the opportunity!  The more you complicate the business, the more your prospects will not want to be a part of the business.


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