The Follow Up

Look if you are not going to follow up…. you might as well just quit!! Take your business and go home!  I am sorry…not sorry… for being blunt!  But I love people being successful in their network marketing business, but I hate it, when they do not do the simple stuff!  Do not over complicate your business…but at the same time…DO YOUR BUSINESS….

Look at this chart!! Read it…learn it…act upon it!


Look at the first thing it says. 48% of people NEVER EVER EVER EVER…follow up..>WHAT!!  That is insane… why even invest in the business…why oh why!?!?!

Now look at the last statistic.  80% of Sales…happen AFTER the 5th follow up! THE 5th!  I encourage you….to think about that LONG and HARD!

How to Follow Up

Look if you want to be a salsey salesman you can…but I am going to show you how I do it, and be an effective Businessman… who gives opportunity, not a sales pitch!

1st time-  It is always done with 24-48 hours after the original presentation.. ALWAYS.  Now that you know statistically, that people RARELY ever do anything on the first follow up, we do not want to be pushy!  My very first follow up is…. “Now that you have had a couple of days to look over and research the material, do you have any questions that I can answer for you!?

At this point, if they want to jump in…BY ALL MEANS…let them jump in.  But rarely does that happen.  I want these clients to know that I am here to help them, support them, and to lead them to success.  If they know that I am here just to answer questions for them, it let’s their guard down.

2nd time-  Well honestly…re-read the first time…and repeat!

3rd time-  At this point, especially if they are a friend and not a cold contact, I want them to know that I actually care about their life, outside of business.  So this is a non-specific conversation.  I do not mention anything about anything about the business.  But with certainty…THEY ALWAYS do!  They will bring it up!  Notice again that on the 3rd follow up, only 5% of decisions occur. This is usually about 1 week to 1.5 weeks after the initial presentation.

4th time-  At this point…I am going to ask them how’s life!  But I may ask them if they do have any questions specifically, if the how’s life question does not lead me too far off track.  This may be another week out!

5th time and on-  Look at the numbers they rise incredible amounts on the 5th follow up! LIKE ALOT!  80% of people make a decision on the 5th time or greater!  Look this is where you NEED to get!! This is the money zone.  This is the commitment zone.  This is the team building zone!  Go for it!  Be direct with them.  “Hey Joe, I was calling you specifically to see where you are at with __________________.  We are looking for business partners and I think you are ideal for it!  I am not trying to pressure you, but I just wanted to see where you are at! Are you ready to get started?”

Most of all, be friendly and caring towards them.  Let them know that you are there for them!  If you see them as a paycheck only, you will lose them!  But most importantly…FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP!  Remember it is your business, do not let them dictate how to run your business.

Sometime during these conversation you will have objections… READ this to Overcome Objections!


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