Be a Stay at Home Dad

Married? Children?  Husband gone all day? Are you with the kids all day?  There is a new trend that in my opinion in our society today is MORE relevant than any other day.  It has been a “thing” for quite some time about the phrase “stay at home mom”, but what about dad as well?

I am not talking about mom going to work, I am talking about mom and dad both staying at home!  If you have been living under a rock, then you have not been aware of the lack of male leadership and good role models in the home!  You have seen a lack of father figures.  I take it very seriously that I have influence in my children’s life.

If you are like most families with children, then often you are sending your kids out to school every single day!  You are having multiple other people teach, train, coach, and help your children with life’s lessons.  I guess the question for you is, “Do you agree with what they are teaching them about life’s lessons?”  It is very possibly that your children are spending more time learning from outside sources, than the parents themselves.  And if truth be known, if you are a father, then your time is even less than your wives time if she does not work.

We try to put our children to bed by 8PM every night.  If you are like most fathers who are out of the home for work, that means you get home about 6PM.  If you see the time you get to spend with your children, it is a whopping 2 hours a day and maybe a 3rd hour in the morning if you are one of the lucky ones!

I personally want to be more a part of my children’s life than just 2-3 hours a day!  I know many dads only get to say good morning and when they get back so late, their children are already in bed sleeping.  They only get to kiss them goodnight.


When I first was introduced to residual income I did not understand what it was, and I definitely did not understand the power of it.  But as I was introduced to it again, WOW!  It blew me out of the water.  When I finally tasted it in a great way, through MLM, I knew I never wanted to go back to the old way, JOB, again!  My boss was dictating my life!  Which meant also that he was dictating how much time I could spend with my kids!  What I realized is that he owned me, and my children “did not!”

I finally have the ability to do what I am SUPPOSED to do as a father!  Teach them, lead them, guide them, and be the good father figure that they need in their life!  I am more and more passionate each day that my children get taught by me!  I am also more and more passionate to bring more dads to home to teach their children.  This is one of the reasons I started this blog!

Let me tell you, if you are thinking about jumping out of your JOB to get to a lifestyles where you are a stay at home dad, or mom, it is challenging and hard work. BUT, if you work hard at it, it will prosper!  You will be a stay at home dad in no time.

Now through multiple streams of residual income, I am sitting here at my home typing this blog post.  I have since been interrupted 5 times by my middle son!  I would not trade that for the world!  Before I would not see him until sometimes really late because of the schedule of the work week and job criteria I had!

I challenge you dads, be a part of your children’s life!  Teach them about life’s lessons.  Make a difference now!

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STOP Posting Your MLM Business and Products on Facebook and Social Media


Some people think that social media is the way to build a MLM business.  Let me tell you it is not!  How often have you been scrolling down your Facebook feed and see all of your friends who are in an MLM business.  You see their products and business and you see them CRAMMING it down your throat!  Does that really make you want to buy or join in them in their business?



Let me tell you your MLM business will be BEST run if you do it person to person, face to face, knee to knee, belly to belly!  People like human interaction, despite what you might learn from Facebook, your best interaction to investing in your business is through person to person.

When doing it over Facebook, most people do not want to then interact with you in a person to person situation. Why? because they “know” all about it from your Facebook post.

We both know they don’t, but they think they do.

The other problem is alot of time new MLM business owners think that they are doing the business when posting in Social Media, when in all reality, they are really hurting themselves more than helping their business.

Watch this several times and learn from it!

Most people use Facebook as their business outlet, because they do not think they know many people!  If Your last 13 of 17 posts have been about your business. How do you think that your FB friends responds to the fact that the LARGE majority of your posts are just one thing! They get irritated! Just something for you to think about!

You might say….”well I have made some customers from it!”  Yes, but think of all of the ones you have lost?  More people will run from it, than join it, because of a LACK of education about what you are really offering!  They do now know what they do not know….they will form the opinion THEY want to form.

Who do you know? friends, family, acquaintances, old coworkers, old school buddies, etc…trust me you KNOW people. I give this analogy to people. IF I had a gun pointed to your head and said get 200 names….how quick would you get 200 names?  If you think that out of the people you know only 35 people would be interested…how do you know that?  How do you know they are interested or not? Why are you prejudging people? How many people do you know that have health issues? How many people do you know that are broke? How many people do you know that live pay check to pay check? How many people do you know that have not retirement?


Do you really want this business to work? Are you really trying to make a life changing income? Then STOP playing with your business!  Work it like it is a multi-million dollar business.  I would encourage you to go here and read these books! I am not joking I think you really should read all of them!

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3 Reasons Why I stopped Reading Business Magazines

In the day of news being live streamed, everything comes to your finger tips in the blink of tweet!  The fastest news outlet in the world!  If you want real time updates on business and whats hot, trending, and whats not, the internet is the place to get that information!

So because of that I have stopped reading business magazines!  And here’s the reasons why!

1.  If it is on print, it is old news!  If it is old news it is worthless!  You might as well throw your money from the magazine away!  We are living in the information age!  If you are not connected to the internet for trends and updates, you are missing on all of the real time information!

If you are in for investing, whether real estate, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.  Do not get your information from the newspaper or magazines.  You must be connected!


2.  Magazines crowd out what you need to be focused on!  If you are a  investor in stocks, you want to focus on the next big stock!  If you are a real estate investor, you need to know what markets are dipping and what markets are rising!

Magazines have multiple avenues of business.  It is hard to focus on one thing, when they have a plethora of information on multiple topics.


3.  They are narrow minded to what they think you should need!  Think about it.  The internet allows you to investigate anything and everything.  Magazines focus on what they think is interesting, on what they want you to you to know.

Have you ever thought that maybe they tell you what you want to hear, to distract you from what they want to invest in?  I mean why tell other people how to get rich?



If you are looking for business tips on how to run your business, magazines might be a great way to help you work on those aspects.  But if you are looking for new insight on what you should be investing in, stay away from magazines!

What do you think?  Do magazines still have value in our information age of technology?  Comment below!

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5 Tips to Plan for Your Financial Future

1.  Identify how you are going to survive!  Believe it or not, most people let everyone dictate how they are going to financially survive!  This does not even make sense!  What if a catastrophic economic crisis happens?  How are you going to survive?  Who are you going to rely on? and When do you expect to run out of money?

A good financial adviser says it is always good to have at least 6 months of cashflow in the bank in case of emergency. How are you doing with that?  If you are like most people, 94%, then you most likely do not even have 1 month of survival in the bank!

2.  You work hard for money, but you have very little to show for it, at the end of your life.  You cannot save your way to retirement.  Take control of your own life, don’t let the financial institutions tell you how to run your money.  Cash is the worst investment that you make.  If you follow an economist you are in trouble.  Learn from people who know how to handle their finances.  I do not know how the government can solve your money problems when it cannot solve its own money problems.  If an economic crisis happens are you going to rely on the government who cannot handle their own finances?

3.  Fail fast, learn faster!  It is OK to fail in your investments as long as you learn faster from your failures when it comes to future investing.  If you are not being successful, it is because your are not making enough mistakes.  To change your financial outcome, often means you have to change your mindset

4.  The greatest opportunity in economic history is here!  When the economy collapses soon, this is a the best place for a wise business man to get wealthy.  If you are smart investor this is the best place to invest.


Some well known business men estimate this crash to happen in 2016.  That is only a few months away…what are you doing about it now?  During this time, the rich will get richer, and the poor and middle class will disappear.  Do not run from problems with the economy crash, because that is where the opportunities are at!  Be optimistic about the future…it will crash.

5. Leverage someone else’s money.  Often people think in order to have wealth you have to have money.  They say in order to make money you have to have money!  This is not true!  The problem is that there is a lack of education of how money works.  So people who do not have money, do not make money, because they do not know how money works!  The wealthy people know how money works!  They reduce their taxes.  Fastest way to put money in your pocket is to reduce your taxes.

How do you do this?  Simple, they form corporations. They build business!  Most people find job security!  But there really is no security in your future!  Ignorance WILL bring a financial disaster.  Most people think that 401k’s are the solution.  401K’s are risky if you want to build wealth. Not just because of market instability; you are taxed higher, you can’t leverage your assets, and you are penalized if you withdraw funds early.  Risk is often proportionate to the amount of financial education you have. The more you know, the less risk you will likely incur. Like driving a car… A new driver is more likely to get into an accident than an experienced driver.


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The Best LLC is a Nevada, Delaware, or Wyoming LLC: Extra Protection for Your Corporation

Do you want extra protection for your business!  I would encourage you to think about putting an umbrella around your existing corporation.  And if you do….use a Nevada, Delaware, or Wyoming LLC.  There are several reasons you should consider doing this!  More than half of public and Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware, and Nevada offers attractive tax advantages.  Wyoming state fees are less than most other states. Wyoming has no business license fees or officer filing fees.


Why a Wyoming LLC?

  • No state taxes
  • Asset protection and limited liability
  • Members nor Managers are not listed with the state
  • Best asset protection laws
  • No citizenship requirements
  • Perpetual life
  • Transferability of ownership
  • Ability to build credit & raise capital
  • Number of owners is unlimited
  • Lower startup costs- with Registered Agents of Wyoming LLC, the cost of forming an LLC is affordable.

Why a Delaware LLC?

  • Delaware’s business law is one of the most flexible in the country.
  • The Delaware Court of Chancery focuses solely on business law and uses judges instead of juries.
  • For corporations, there is no state corporate income tax for companies that are formed in Delaware but do not transact business there (but there is a franchise tax).
  • Taxation requirements are often favorable to companies with complex capitalization structures and/or a large number of authorized shares of stock.
  • There is no personal income tax for non-residents.
  • Shareholders, directors and officers of a corporation or members or managers of an LLC don’t need to be Delaware residents.
  • Stock shares owned by persons outside Delaware are not subject to Delaware taxes

Why a Nevada LLC?

  • Nevada doesn’t tax corporate profits or LLC profits.
  • Nevada doesn’t tax corporate shares or LLC ownership. Some states (not many, mind you) tax individual shares in a company.
  • Nevada has no franchise tax.
  • Nevada has no personal income tax.
  • Nevada doesn’t have an Information Sharing Agreement with the IRS. (There’s no information to share, because there is no income tax department).
  • Shareholders in a Nevada corporation and owners in a Nevada LLC are not a matter of public record-shareholders can remain completely anonymous.
  • Officers and directors of a Nevada corporation can be protected from personal liability for lawful acts of the corporation.
  • Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock.
  • Nevada corporations and LLCs may issue stock for capital, services, personal property, or real estate, including leases and options. The directors may determine the value of any of these transactions, and their decision is final.
  • The Nevada secretary of state’s office provides excellent customer service and excellent web support.



So which is the best?  Well that is an answer that ultimately I would ask you to seek the advise of both your trusted Tax Accountant as well as a good Tax Attorney.  Never trust an accountant with a lawyer’s job, and never trust a lawyer with an accountant’s job.  They should direct you to help you with the exact needs of your business.

Each of these states have different policies, fees, and filing procedures.  This is why it is important for you to talk to your accountant and how this will best suit your needs.

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A Sole Proprietorship is Killing Your Taxes

If you are getting paid on a 1099 or own your own business under the statutes of a sole proprietorship, you are killing yourself financially!  You are throwing away thousands of dollars to unnecessary taxes!  What are those unnecessary taxes…Social Security! If you have been living under a rock for the last 60 years, you might think that Social Security is a blessing to look forward to in the near future.   Let me tell you, it is not!

With that being said, why in the world are you letting your money go down the Ponzi scheme of the social security tax, when social security will not even be there when you become of full retirement age?  If you are currently self employed or using a 1099 to get paid to you as an individual, you are hurting yourself and you are hurting your retirement.  The reason, is that social security is taking about 15% out of your pay check.

You virtually will be working from January to May just to pay social security.  The rest of the year you will finally be making money!  Hip Hip Hooray, for making money!  Instead you could be using those same months to actually make retirement investments!  So you need to get rid of your social security taxes!  How you say?  By starting a corporation!

There are several types of corporations that you can get.  A C-corp, S-corp, LLC, LP, and various few others!  You should talk to your tax accountant to help establish which would be best suit your needs.  But for a couple hundred dollars, you could literally save yourself thousands of dollars in your very first year of being a corporation!  And if you can save that much money in your first year, imagine what you can save over your lifetime!

Once you have saved that money that you would have been throwing away to social security, reinvest it into something that will make you money!   That can be anything from real estate, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, currencies, or even network marketing.  Obviously the goal would be to make a passive income on whatever it is that you are investing in with your newly saved money.

One must understand the more a sole proprietor makes the higher the tax bracket that they are situated in.  If they are in a higher tax bracket, they are losing even more money to taxes.  This is why it is a great idea to form a corporation.  There are many tax breaks that you will get outside of social security and income tax.

Once your corporation is set up there are other various tax breaks that can also give you huge tax advantages, everything from renting your own car to your corporation to having your corporation rent your office space from you!  This goes on and on to the restaurants you go, to the utilities of your own home!  There are literally hundreds of tax advantages of starting your own corporation!  You can learn more about LLC from the book, “Limited Liability Companies for Dummies.

If you finally want to get ahead of the game financially and stop getting slammed with the huge social security tax, I would highly recommend you start a corporation.  This will change your life!  The rich only get richer, because they know how to handle money! How do they handle it.  Through corporations!

To start your own corporation by yourself I highly recommend

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Turning Liability into Assets

So you want that new car, boat, or expensive motorcycle.  But you know right well that it is going to get you into a very large debt!  Does this mean you should not get it?  Well not necessarily!

We just have to change our thinking on how we look at those things that we want!  It is not wrong for you to want the car or the boat. They are enjoyable and they are fun.  But would if we bought it and made it a business?

First of all, this will not work with all the toys that you want.  From a tax point of view you can get in trouble with some of the things that you call as a business expense.  But even with that thought, there are many ways we can work even those toys into a business!

Secondly, it has to make business sense.  If it is not bringing cashflow, then there is no sense in trying to make it work!  Do not force something into a business if it makes you bend over backwards to make it work!

Finally, if you do it right you can enjoy that toy when you want to enjoy that toy.

If people will rent it, you can have cashflow.  If you can have cashflow, then it will work in your business budget.  And if it works in your budget, then that means you can get a toy.


If you can rent it, and people will give you the money for it! It might be worth it! Sometimes you might have to think outside the box.  And sometimes your outside of the box thinking may lead to something that makes a small business…big business.

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