How to Close In Network Market

Closing the deal is super crucial to any body in network marketing.  Of course if you do not invite you will never be able to get to the close!  So make sure you get proper instruction on your invite! We will write about that later.

But until then…here are the ways that I close a deal!  To be honest I did not make these myself, but have been using them for a long time…they WORK!  I got them from MASTER Network Marketer and Teacher Eric Worre, from His Book GO PRO. I would HIGHLY recommend that you read this!  One of the BEST books on network marketing you can read!



  1. What did you like best about what you saw?
  2. On a scale of 1-10,  10 being your ready to get started right now, where are you?
  3. If you were going to get started part time, how much money would you need to make in order for this thing to be worth your time?
  4. Approximately how many hours are you willing to commit to making that type of income?
  5. How many months would you be willing to work in order to develop that type of income?
  6. If I …..would you?
                    If I could show you how do to do that you, would you become my business partner?
At the end of those questions, you will know exactly where the people stand!  Follow up, Follow up!  This is what separates the professional network marketers from the rest!
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Overcoming Objections to Network Marketing


Handling objections is very important when it comes to Network Marketing.  A key that one must place in their heart, is that an objection does not mean they are against it, but they need to overcome it to make sense of it and potentially join your company.  This will be an ever growing list.

Many of these objections can be easily overcome, by asking them a question.  Just because they object, does not mean they really understand what they are truly asking.

Objection:  Is this Network Marketing?

Answer:  What do you mean by Network Marketing?


Objection:  Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

Answer:  What do you mean by Pyramid Scheme?

Objection:  Is this where the guy on the top get’s paid all the money?

Answer:  What do you mean by the guy on top get’s paid all of the money?

Objection:  I do not have the time?

Answer:  How much time do you think it will take you?

Answer 2:  If I can show you a way to do this in the course of what you already do, would you let me show you?

Objection:  I do not have the money?

Answer:  Is money the only thing holding you back from joining?

       Part 2 Answer:  If I could show you how you could join for free, would you let me?

Objection:  I am not a salesman!

Answer:  What makes you think this is sales?


There are many more objections!  Do you have any?  Comment below, and I will answer them as well!

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Does what you wear affect the way people do business with you?  Take this brief 10 question survey and find out!

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I am SUPER excited about this new app that I have been using for the last couple of weeks!  It is fairly new and has ONLY been out for a couple of months! It is called PERISCOPE!  I have been using PRIMARILY for my network marketing business.  If you follow me, you find out which Network Marketing company I have been a part of and get great tips about MLM in general.  Some of the tips are obviously about my company directly, but if you are  a network marketer this is a great place to get tips in general!


This is a live video stream application for your smart phone!  It has been a great source to build my team as well as help other people in the network marketing industry!  It obviously can be used in MULTIPLE different venues, but hey, I like it for MLM business!

If you are looking for a new platform to reach more audience, so far I HIGHLY recommend this app!


Get it at the link below….


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Is MLM a Pyramid Scheme?

I hear it ALL the time…”I think Multi Level Marketing is a pyramid scheme.”..It’s ok…I am not offended I hear it a lot! But let me tell you if you think that….you are not in the know! I would encourage you to rethink, or better yet retrain your thinking….

Just for fun….watch this video! This should help you understand a little bit better what a REAL pyramid scheme looks like!

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Want more great tips and free stuff to help you with your business or MLM????


Does what you wear affect the way people do business with you?  Take this brief 10 question survey and find out!

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Business moving you across the country or across the world? This Is What $1,500 A Month In Rent will get you!

$1500 can bring you a lot of variety around the world!  And if you are moving for a job, you may need to negotiate your salary based upon some of these prices!  If you own a business, you definitely need to make sure that these rental prices do not cut into your profits!

Here is what $1500 can buy you!

London — £997 ($1,551)

Location: High Street Kensington
∙ Studio flat with bed, kitchen, and toilet

 London Apartment 12-483621203

Paris — 1,220 euros ($1,323)

Location: 13th arrondissement
∙ Forty square meters of space
∙ Kitchen, toilet, and shower room

Berlin — 1,250 euros ($1,356)

Location: Rosenthaler Platz
∙ One bedroom, one bathroom, “Altbau”-style loft apartment

 Immanuelkirchstr. foto VH

Kathmandu, Nepal — 150,000 Nepalese rupees ($1,474)

Location: Sunakothi, Lalitpur
∙ Four-bedroom, five-bathroom house

Mumbai — 94,000 Indian rupees ($1,477)

Location: Poonam Nagar
∙ Three bedrooms, two bathrooms

New York City — $1,425

Location: Prospect Park South, Brooklyn
∙ One-room apartment


Buenos Aires — 13,580 pesos ($1,488)

 Location: Palermo Hollywood

∙ One bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms

Shanghai — 8,564 Chinese yuan ($1,380)

Location: Xuhui district

∙ One bedroom, one bathroom

Sydney — 485 Australian dollars a week ($357)

 Location: Sydney’s central business district

∙ One bedroom, one bathroom

Moscow — 85,000 rubles ($1,491)

Location: Aeroport district
∙ One-bedroom studio apartment with built-in stereo, large bathroom with sauna and bidet


Los Angeles — $1,512

Location: Downtown
∙ Studio apartment, one bath

Tokyo — 185,000 yen ($1,491)

Location: Suginami
∙ Three bedrooms, and living/dining/kitchen area

Nairobi — 150,000 Kenyan shillings ($1,463)

Location: Affluent Westlands area of the city
∙ Two bedrooms, open-plan kitchen

Cairo — 9,648 Egyptian pounds ($1,232)

  Location: 200 meters from the pyramids

∙ Four bedrooms, one bathroom, and air conditioning


Cape Town, South Africa — 15,000 South African rand ($1,209)

– Located in the Sea Point area of the city.
– Two bedrooms, one bathroom.

Rio de Janeiro — 3,107 Brazilian reais ($972)

Location: Santa Teresa
∙ Two bedrooms, one bathroom, and, again, a hammock


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3 More Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Financially Destroy Your Business

Will Hillary Clinton be a good president?  There is MUCH that is to be debated about that here in the next several months.  But one thing is for sure…Hillary’s positions will affect your business, whether great or small, in multiple different ways.  It does not matter whether you are Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal…your business is going to get hit with her policies!

Here are 3 more reasons why Hillary Clinton will financially destroy your business:


The Allowance of Illegal Immigration-

The Truth is Hillary Clinton does not know what she believes when it comes to illegal immigration!  Whether she is for it or against it….it is a disaster that she is not firm on it, for your business!  As late as April of 2015, she was in full support of the path to citizenship for illegal immigration.  But in May of 2015, she said, ““Certainly we’ve got to do more at our borders,” she said, adding that, “people have to stop employing illegal immigrants.”  But Clinton did not utter the words “border” or “fence” during her remarks Tuesday May 5, 2015. She also did not speak of opposing “illegal immigrants” or “illegal immigration” as she did in 2003.

SO where does she stand? She does not even know!  It seems Hillary’s replies to questions are the results of her audience and what they want to hear.  This being said, if she is against it or for it…no one knows!  What we do know is that if you are not for it your against it! And if your are for it, then you are not against it! Confusing?….yes…yes, she is!  How will illegal immigration affect your business?  Higher taxes, higher minimum wage, higher insurances all that your business will have to pay out.  Yes, we can just NOT hire them, but that means we should also not financially give them everything they need to survive as a country!

If you are not a business person, this just means higher taxes!

As we have already seen that higher minimum wage is being affected because of people who are taking away the American citizens jobs.

The Championing of the Minimum Wage Hike- 

“I want to be your champion. I want to fight with you every day,” said Clinton, who kicked off her presidential campaign in April saying she wants to be the champion for “everyday Americans.”  “No one who works an honest job in America should have to live in poverty,” she said. “No man or woman who works hard to feed America’s families should have to be on food stamps to feed your own families.”


But what does hiking the minimum wage do?  It shuts down small business.  It makes major companies like McDonalds,  make more automated services.  These same people who are seeking for a higher minimum wage will actually lose their jobs!  More companies are turning to computers and automated services to do the normal tasks that humans used to do, all because of a higher minimum wage!  This raise in minimum wage only plagues small business and does not help them at all.  It also hurts the lower class.

What does this do to your business?  Well if you have employees…it could mean a entire change of dynamics within your business.  If you cannot afford it…it could mean that you are going to have to shut down your company!  If you are not a business person, this just means higher taxes!

National Debt Policies-

“It undermines our capacity to act in our own interest, and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable. And it also sends a message of weakness internationally. It is very troubling to me that we are losing the ability not only to chart our own destiny, but to have the leverage that comes from having this enormously effective economic engine that has powered American values and interests over so many years. So I don’t think we have a choice – it is a question of how we decide to deal with this debt and deficit…. There is no free lunch, and we cannot pretend that there is without doing grave harm to our country and our future generations.” – Hillary Clinton

Although Hillary’s words would be adamantly in favor of reducing the debt, her actions of making efforts in doing so have been everything but reducing it!

  • Voted NO on paying down federal debt by rating programs’ effectiveness. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on $40B in reduced federal overall spending. (Dec 2005)
  • Voted YES on $60B stimulus package for jobs, infrastructure, & energy. (Sep 2008)
  • TPP must produce jobs, raise wages, & protect security. (Apr 2015)
  • End tax breaks for outsourcing jobs. (Jun 2007)
  • Defended outsourcing of US jobs to India. (Oct 2005)
  • Would accept minimum wage as president. (Jul 2007)
  • Stand up for unions; organize for fair wages. (Jun 2007)
  • Minimum wage should be tied to congressional salaries. (Jun 2006)
  • Pushed for extension of unemployment insurance. (Feb 2004)
  • The working poor deserve a living wage. (Oct 1999)
  • America can afford to raise the minimum wage. (Sep 1999)
  • Voted YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks. (Nov 2008)
  • Voted NO on terminating legal challenges to English-only job rules. (Mar 2008)
  • Sponsored bill linking minimum wage to Congress’ pay raises. (May 2006)
  • No salary increase for Congress until minimum wage increased. (Jul 2007)


national debt

What do all of these mean?  Increase in taxes and increase in National debt.  The National debt has never been lowered by raising more taxes!  It has never been lowered by increasing minimum wage.  The only way the national debt will be decreased, is if the government will stop spending money on unnecessary things.  If they stop spending money on programs that never worked.

Many of the items listed above that she has been in favor of, have failed miserably!  Some of the things are still to be determined if she gets elected president.  I for one would love to see her take minimum wage if she becomes president.

If you own a business, her proposed policies and her past promotions have almost all hurt the small business owner rather than help them.  The problem is the government wants to tax to help pay off debt.  And to help the lower class and middle class people, however, the more they try to tax the upper class, the more it only hurts the lower and middle class!  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

If you are not a business person, this just means higher taxes!


Hillary Clinton is not an ideal president for people who own small business.  If what she promotes is any indication of where our economy goes, than many small business will be out of commission in the next 4 years if she comes to be president.  It will also destroy our economy and we will see yet another downward spiral in America!

What do you think about Hillary Clinton Running for President in regards to business?  Comment Below!


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Steps to Retiring Early!

Retiring early is a dream that many people have!  The problem is that most people do not know how to do it!  The truth is that most people will never be able to retire!  Why?  They either are uneducated on how money works,  they believe buy and hold is a the key to financial success, they are not willing to step out of security!

The typical US citizen is doomed to a financial despair if something does not change quickly!  People keep trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results!  People have hoped and hoped that their financial investments would bring them retirement, but they misunderstood how insecure their investments really were!

Do not misunderstand Job Security With Financial Security

People often think that their job is going to help them with their retirement!  This was a shock to many people in 2001 and again in 2008.  Unfortunately, in 2016 it may be a shock again to the same people!  People for the last 100 years have felt as though their company that they have been loyal too are going to be loyal to them!  Job security does NOT add up to financial retirement.

Let me assure you, no company cares as much about your pockets as they do their own!  The number of baby boomers being fired or let go today, is raising every year!  This trend will never go away!  It is here to stay!

The other part is no matter what you do with your mutual funds or other stocks or and hold is not a good method of truly investing.  It used to be, but it is now a thing of the past.  Never trust anyone with your own money!  It is absolutely crucial that you educate yourself on how money works, companies work, and the stock exchange works.  No one will look out for your money better than you!


Understand that no investment is 100% secure

Even the best investors make mistakes!  Great investors say that out of 20 times of investing, you should understand that you will probably lose 19 of those times!  Most people are not patient or disciplined enough to handle that type of pressure.  This is why often they want someone else to do it for them, or they just get scared and do not invest at all!

What often seems to be the less “risky” investments still can change someone’s financial future into a disaster.  Why?  because they throw all of their eggs in one basket.  This is what happened with millions of baby boomers twice in the last 15 years.  And it is about to hit them again.  These boomers lost their retirement twice by 50% and are going to get it cut again!  They have all placed their confidence in one arena of investing and now are scrambling around to figure out how to introduce a second source of income!


There is more safety in taking control of your own money

However, there is a learning curve!  Just because it is the RIGHT thing to do, does not mean you should do it!  I know that sounds contradictory, but here is the thing, if you do not know what you are doing with your own money, you are your OWN worst enemy!  I would say get educated in how money works, how investing works, and ways to make cashflow.  You can go to the resource section of this website to find out great authors on all of these things.

Education is your friend when it comes to investing.  Let me say also that investing is not JUST in the form of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  Truthfully, this is the last place I usually invest in!  Make sure you have knowledge in all forms of investing!

If we trust everyone else on how to handle our money, we will be left with nothing.  I often say, why in the world would I trust the government with my own money, when they obviously cannot handle it!  Trillions of dollars of debt and in the next 30 years, Americans will have absolutely nothing to show for it when it comes to Social Security.

How does the world think?

Remember the world is much different than even 5 years ago.  Trends and fads come and go!  So when it comes to investing, it is always best to look forward to what is going to work than, to today or what was in the past!

Here are a few things that will change  history in the next 10 years I believe…

1.  2 wheeled skateboard 

2.  Nrf2 (Healthcare)– Nuclear factor erythroid-derived 2

3.  iPhone –  This has changed history and will continue to change history.

4.  Solar Farms


Millions of people are falling for the same traps over and over when it comes to finances!  If you want to retire young…do not be afraid to step out of the security of a job.  The job is the biggest detriment to ones retirement.  If you are looking for the quick way out…there is none, but there is definitely the quicker ways out…you just need to know how to work!


Here are 5 Tips for planning your financial future!  Click HERE


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Do You REALLY want to make money with Network Marketing!? Forget about the product!

People often join network marketing thinking that they are going to earn thousands! And MOST Fail in network marketing.  There are many reasons for that:

  1. They greatly overestimate the amount of money they will make in the beginning
  2. They think network marketing is a free ride to wealth
  3. They think that if someone get’s under them they can just sit back relax and watch their business grow without them
  4. They focus too much on the product, and they do not understand that their wealth is built around the business
  5. They become in your face salesmen

With those points being made, I want to strongly encourage you…..if you want to make real money in network marketing…FORGET ABOUT THE PRODUCT!  Forget it…act like it does not exist.  Below is a conversation I have had with a new network marketer.  I will protect the innocent by not giving his name.

  • ME

If you are looking to make money to help you with breathing room in life!…I think you need to look at the business of **Their Company** a WHOLE lot different…

  •  MY Friend

How so?

  • ME

well those videos will definitely help with that…there are 2 different types of models in running a MLM business….One that makes real money….and one that makes hobby money….which one are you interested in?

  • My Friend


  •  ME

    So which one is it?

  • My Friend

You probably think I’m confused, and I probably am. I would like to make a living!

  •  ME

LOL>..yes I am confused..sooo if that is the case than you need run with this business…not with this product!

  •  My Friend

    Got it

  •  Me

    So in other words…stop leading with the product…if the product is as good as you believe the product will sell itself…. But the business will be what will change your finances….

    Have you made any customers or distributors yet?


  •  My Friend

    No…my wife said she would like to promote it, but she hasn’t even tried it yet.

    Others are willing to give it a shot if it’s free

    And some are so skeptical they won’t even give it a look

  •  Me

    hmm…well dont give away product…its a business…if that is how you want to run it…you are losing money every time…… you give it away.

    the reason why they are skeptic is because of 2 reasons…number one they way you are promoting it! and number 2 the fact that you are giving them WAYYYY too much information. You are giving them verbal vomit! They are forming a biased opinion before they ever even have an opportunity to hear the REAL presentation. This is again the reason why we do not advertise on FB….

  •  My Friend

    How do you promote the business then?

  • Me

    What do you know about the business? Why is it better than any other MLM? Compensation, system, leadership, corporate? What do you know about that?

  • My Friend

    I know that with the cloud technology there is very little administration so that means more compensation for the workers. I know they have a pretty aggressive compensation/reward schedule. 4-12% personal commission depending on which level. 4-8% in Team commission, $800 monthly luxury car bonus after 12k monthly sales

     As well as 4 completely paid for trips once above 12k monthly sales
  •  Me

    OK so do you what the truth about compensation and MLM?

  • My Friend

As far as the company, they are leading the industry shift in health and fitness. They are starting with social media sites (le-vel) and have the Thrive product line.

What do you mean?

Your top performers are the ones making you money?

  •  Me

    Well…you are being a given a sales pitch…but there is not a whole of truth in what they are telling you….it is not that they are not paying you those things…. but the compensation is designed in 99% of the cases in network marketing in favor of corporate and not the distributors

    And who says they are leading the industry in health and fitness? Who is saying that? Where are you getting the information….

    Remember people are not joining a company they are following you….so they are going to follow EVERYTHING you say…if you tell them that **YOUR COMPANY** is the best **THEIR PR on the fast of the earth and that it will make you grow 5 feet taller they will believe you….. SO it is important to have your data inline…..

    If people are telling you these things…you need to validate them…it is your job and NO one else’s. Even if your upline says it….does not mean you have to believe it…Validate validate validate….

    Everything i say about Lifevantage I can source it….

    *My Friend

    How do you lead with the business?


    Well…teach them what makes your company a good company to invest their time and money… What makes it a good company to build a business…to financially invest in.

    tell them how this will help with retirement through residual income.

    Again the product should sell itself so do not spend a whole lot of time on the product

    when I give my  presentations…it takes me 30 minutes total…only 2 of those minutes are about the products….even though we have 20+ universities studying it….the opportunity in all reality is WAY more powerful than the product. I LOVE our products and take ALL of them everyday. This business is my full time paycheck and my retirement!

    People are broke…they are poor and they need financial help. IN most cases in life people who get rid of financial problems often get rid of health problems…. Help them solve their financial issues by sharing with them the business.

    I know you told me that your company is telling you to go social media crazy…but take it from a very successful professional network marketer….that is NOT the route to go!

    If you want your business to thrive….lead with the business…meet people face to face….and show them you care about their needs (in some cases that is with the product). However, more people are broke then they are sick!

    My Friend

    I think that sounds more appetizing than the product


    That is how I do it in **MY COMPANY**…and that is how any experienced network marketer would tell you to do it!

    My Friend

     So don’t promote [my website on social Media], because its verbal vomit?


    That is not verbal vomit…..What you post on FB is vomit…your words Such as

    “Hey Everyone! Have you heard about **MY Product**, but didn’t know where to find out more? check out this link and feel free to explore the site. Create a free account to find out more @ **MY WEBSITE**”

    or “After careful evaluation, I have decided that I want people to thrive through life. I have officially become a promoter of **MY COMPANY**! If you would like to give **MY Product** a shot, create a free account @ **MY WEBSITE**.”

    or “Anybody want to prove **MY Product** wrong? I’ll pay you if you can do it.”


    …..the problem with posting your website page is that they are doing their “research” and ultimately forming a biased opinion before you are PROPERLY able to educate them about your business and product

    You need to do that through AUDIBLE voices. Face to face or over the phone. Skype even works too!


    Hopefully you see through the interaction with this new network marketing business builder the importance of why understanding the business and how the business works, is key to building a financial empire with your network marketing business.  In future posts we will talk about the key ingredients of leading with the business.


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Is the product then really important in my network marketing business?  Find out HERE!?

How do you convince your friends who are in a network marketing business to join your network marketing business

Recently I had a delightful conversation with a friend of mine who has recently joined a network marketing business. Within a few days of his business, he realized the struggle that some people have when they realize many of their friends are already part of/or trying another MLM company’s products that are similar to the one’s of their company.  I will keep the innocent…innocent!  But hopefully you can learn something from this conversation.

  • Friend

It’s kinda weird asking you this, but as a MLM what do you do when they are already doing another MLM product? I’ve seen enough change in my life that I’d like to promote my product, but a lot of the people I have numbers for are on some product called **My Product** ;). What should I do?

  • Me

Well sir…you are asking a tall order! When trying to convince someone to jump off of their product to go to a different product you are going to have to STRONGLY convince them why yours is better…. In MOST cases you might be able to do this!

It is important to understand what your are going up against, whether it is “MY Company” products or any other companies!

Like I said in most cases, I would say you probably will not have to do too much convincing. But Science is what is important.

Another thing about selling products through MLM is People will ask themselves…why should I believe **MY Friend**? They are not caring what the company is! They are not caring what the Science is! I know that may be contrary to what I just said…but in order for them to get to the science they have to get to the next phase…which is…

They are asking themselves, is **MY Friend** trustworthy? Do I respect him? Is he a person I can count on? Is he a person that I would like to be in business with, hang around with, and talk with frequently if I do decide to become part of this business? If you are not a person that they see as someone they respect….then you are going to have a hard time convincing them no matter how awesome the product is.

If you have a product that will regrow your limbs if they were cut off….people will still not buy, if they do not have respect for you! This is how the world of network marketing works! Network marketing is a PHENOMENAL business, but it is also a business where there is ALOT of personal growth. This is a great thing…but it is also very hard!

As I studied your company, there are couple of other things that Stuck out to me:

The price point is not bad for your main products, but maybe a tad bit high! It is not Publicly Traded

No independent research

The other thing is that as I said before, people do not want to be sold…As I said before…you are being salesey with all of your FB advertising you have been doing. I am telling you, you are turning people off to both your product AND also your respect. TRUST me on this one! I want to give you the second warning on that.

I want you to succeed but I am telling you that there is a learning curve that you do need to learn very quickly. I am here to help… Please do not take this email as chiding, but just trying to help you understand the world that you live in with MLM business. If you do not learn these…you will crash and burn in your business quickly. I do not want you to do that…that is why I am trying to help.

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    Can I learn the learning curve through your videos?

  • ME

    Some yes for sure…they will help you start that curve…but there is a lot that I have not put in video or literature form! SO…there will have to be much more training in the future!

    Again I would recommend that you read the books on my message that I suggested as well. I think they are in audio form as well.

    Remember most of all you are just trying to be their friend! If you come off like you do not care about them, but only about their money…they will run far away from you!  They will also mark your friendship for the bad!  When people see that we genuinely care about them, they have a MUCH higher chance of order or joining with us!



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5 Reasons Why You Should HAVE a Credit Card

You might have a lot of people telling you their opinions about whether or not you should get a credit card.The answer is yes…and no.  If you are NOT disciplined with finances….then I would STRONGLY advise you NOT to get credit cards.  If yo u are the type of person that sees some new gadget and says, “I just have to have it!!!”  Credit cards are not your friend.  They are your enemy!

A person who has a lack of discipline with money, will always end up being poor.  If you do not know how money works, don’t try to access someone else’s money!  It will hurt both now and in the future.

If you are a person who can handle money well…then you MUST read on! I will show you why not only is getting a credit card a good idea…it is a GREAT idea!


There are several reasons you should get a credit card.  If you are getting a card just for emergencies, I would also recommend that you do not get a card.  WHY?  Because eventually we will justify anything and everything as an emergency.  You have to handle the emergencies with your cashflow, and your investments with other people’s money!

Here are the top reasons you should get a credit card:

Establish Credit-

Look no credit is not good or bad credit…It is not credit…but in the life of investing and business…no credit is bad credit!  If you have no credit history, lenders will not give you money!  So you must at some point establish a credit line.  One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this, is through credit cards.  It is good that you use credit cards often, as long as you pay them on time!  I did not say pay them off!  There is another discussion for another day!

If you want to really start using other people’s money for investment through loans, it is good to know how to handle a credit card to establish that credit so you can eventually get to BIG loans.

Use for cash back or mileage benefits-  

Although this should NEVER be the primary purpose for getting a card, you might as well get a card that either gives you cash back or mileage for flights.  For me personally, I travel a lot!  And because I travel a lot, I like the free miles that I get with may card.  I get multiple round trips a year with my credit cards with frequent flyer miles.


I will say that having a card just for the sake of having cash back really does not make much sense unless every month you pay off your CC debt.  What you have to ask yourself, is my interest on the accumulated debt, wiping out the profit that I might be making in the cash back?  In MOST cases, it either is a wash or you are losing.

Again, if you can pay off your CC debt every month, then it might be something to look into.  In most cases people who handle their cards wisely only get around $300-$500 in cash back a year!  Ask yourself this question, is all the stress for a CC just for cash back really worth $300-$500.  I would say in most cases no.

However, you can use that CC and learn how to maximize its benefits…READ ON!

Leverage it to be good debt-  

What is the best way to use a credit card.  How about investing with it.  Use it to make money with!  Specifically a cashflow!  Learn and educate yourself on how you should/could use your credit card to invest in things that will give you return.  For instance maybe you have an online business that you have PPC ads to such as Affiliate marketing!  Instead of using your out of pocket cash, why not use someone else’s money to pay for the PPC ads.

Obviously the PPC ads are there to make you money!  They are there to direct people to your website.  This is just one of the ways that you can use your CC to help you invest and build cash flow!  Why use your own money, when you can use someone else’s?!?

Interest-Free money-  

Typically you have between 30 and 45 days before you have to pay your first bill.  This is great.  This is tax free and interest free money!  Right along with the last point, why not use someone else’s money to pay for investments that you get for free without any interest.  Obviously with any loan that you take out, there is always interest on it.  However, the beauty of credit cards is that there is a 30-45 day turnaround.  Make sure you check with your credit card company to see if you qualify!

So think about what can you invest in, that will make you cashflow within 30-45 days?  Ready…set….go!

Merchant protection-

 Last but not least, is the protection that you get from using a credit card.  Unlike debit cards, credit cards have awesome fraud protection and merchant protection.  Overall they are much safer to carry.  If they ever get lost, stolen, or misplaced cc companies treat their customers right.  And why wouldn’t they?  The average American has $15000 in credit card debt.

These care seems obvious to them.  If the person has a card, most likely he is going to spend what he should not be spending on.  With that being said. This is again NOT a main reason you should get a credit, but only to see it as one of the perks.


Overall, credit cards have the ability to do some really awesome things.  As I said before though, it is not WISE for you to own a cc unless you can be disciplined with holding onto one and using it wisely!

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