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What is Passive/Residual Income?  This is a great question!  Hope you get some answers here on this video!

Now that you have seen a little glimpse into residual income, you need to make sure that you fully understand how it works! I certainly believe that once people get a taste of residual income, they will NEVER go back to the normal

Most people though do not have the opportunity to make passive income because they do not fall in the famous movie star, author, inventor, or musician. So How does a person like you get passive income? As mentioned in the video, Network marketing is definitely one of the ways. IF you want to learn more about network marketing, aka MLM, you can find more information HERE!

There are a few other places that a person can also make residual income!  Some are listed below:

  • Affiliate Marketing-  There are many companies out there that will let you have a piece of the pie!  And guess what there is absolutely NO overhead and NO shipping.  There are a few different websites that I recommend for affiliate marketing. Sites such as,, or offer products that can be purchased at a very low cost and then resold to gain a profit.  There are SEVERAL more companies out there that I also recommend.  Learn more on affiliate marketing HERE!
  • Email Lists-  Obviously this is going to take some time to develop, but once developed and you get a good amount of followers…this equals GOLD!  There are several great free tools you can get to help generate Email lists!
  • Membership Community-  This is known as the golden goose of the internet.  Imagine if you could build a website where you have monthly subscriptions to.  They come over and over and over!!  And you get paid and paid and paid!  You may be able to do a dating website, certification website, online school course, etc

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  • Sell Informative E-Books-  You have something that people want to learn.  You can build a eBook and have people download this eBook over and over!  Think about it!! No paper, no publishers, and no shipping!  Holy Moly!!  This is phenomenal!   There are several tips I would give before jumping into an eBook though!
  • Pay Per Click- If you have a product or products, pay per click ads may be a great way to make a huge amount of money!  However, PPC has its dangers
  • Real Estate- This may seem bizarre to you, because you might think that you cannot afford it!  I think you will be presently surprised that most people can afford it.  Buy and rent, means positive cashflow monthly.

Here is ONE way you can Make Passive Income in further Detail. CLICK HERE


We will dive further into these venues later on!  If you are interested in learning more about PASSIVE INCOME…subscribe below and we will give you updates and cool tricks and tips on how you can make passive income!


Silence the doubters! Put your big idea online! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!

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