Are MLM’s really a great business plan?  Are they something that a person should really consider?  There are multiple routes of income for people, but very few people have the opportunity in this life to make passive income!  Unless you are a:

  • Famous Movie Star
  • Platinum Record Singer
  • Famous Author
  • Great Inventor

Because of this, when MLM’s, aka networking marketing companies, are introduced to people they are introduced to residual income.  This hope, dream, and vision is cast upon people often to people who have never heard of residual income.  So they become infatuated with it!

If you know my story you realize this is where my life with residual income came into play.  I had early on in my life joined a couple different network marketing companies, but due to the fact that I did understand what I should have understood about network marketing, I joined 2 companies that really were not worth the effort I put into them.  Network Marketing is a legitimate business, that deserves everyone’s attention!  From being successful in network marketing I realized the great power of residual income.

However, most people start down the MLM trail to realize real quick!  It is hard!  They think that they will be RICH within a few months.  SO they automatically label it as a scam!  What they need to know is that they greatly overestimate the amount of money they will make in the beginning, and greatly underestimate the money they will make in the end!

Due to this misconception people leave network marketing with a significant stigma against it.  However, Network marketing works….it really works!  If you are genuinely looking at a network marketing company…take 2 minutes and watch this video!

Why Network Marketing?

Here is world renown Business Master Robert Kyosaki. He is well known all over the world for his great success in the business world!  Here are a few business Tips for you!

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