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The most important thing that you can spend money on is your website. DO NOT SKIMP on your website. Your website is your bread and butter. Please understand that I am telling you this from an expert opinion. I developed my own website company several years ago, and know that the money and time you put into your website is a GREAT investment. It is the best investment you will do in for your business.

In today’s society 98% of all of your potential customers will come to your website. I would encourage you to make sure that you spend more money on this form of advertising than any other form of advertising.

In the web world there is an important word called SEO. This means Search Engine Optimization. This is very important to making sure that your website ranks high in Google. You want to make sure that you have the right website, domain, and content to make sure that your website goes up the ranks quickly.

Silence the doubters! Put your big idea online! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!

Here are my suggestions when it comes to building, running, and maintaining a good website.


First of all I would use Not I will not get in all of the specifics of that, but just trust men when I say you will have way more flexibility and professional quality when it comes to


I recommend for my website domain and website hosting to through or This by far has the best prices from everything I have seen. Some times you can get a domain names for $0.99. There always seems to be some type of couponing with or BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR DOMAIN, do not go to or to search for it. The best way to see if you have a domain that no one else has is to search for it in the address bar of your browser. When searching these domain names, if you do not buy on the spot, the will HIKE the prices up of the domains you want because they know that you are searching it. By the way this does not just happen with or but with all major website companies.

I would always always always recommend that you buy .com, .org, and .net

You do not want other people stealing your domain name that you paid good money for. Also, I would put the .com as your main website address. Although your business may not a company, it is not for the purpose of company, but again SEO. This domain name is the one you are going to “advertise” with on all of your fliers, literature, banners, signs, etc. Google has an easier path to find .com than any other extensions.

  • When picking a domain name please take these into consideration:
  • Pick something that is easy to spell.
  • Do not use numbers in your name. ie. 4….is it spelled out like the “four”, or maybe it could “for”, or maybe it is legitimately “4.”
  • Try to keep it as short as possible. It is not the worst if you cannot, but it will help people from accidentally misspelling something in your domain.
  • Try to pick something that would be easy for keyword search.


When purchasing your domain and hosting through or, or allows you to go through their system to attach the automatically to In other words, you actually will never have to go to at all during the purchasing point.

Silence the doubters! Put your big idea online! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!

As you are trying to build your website I would recommend that you blog often. This is one of the beautiful things about being attached to your website. It automatically gives you a clean connection between your blog and your informational website. Why blog? Very simple!! Connect with your community! Raise your SEO! And give frequent updates of your ministry.

SEO really is accomplished easiest through blogging. There are other ways you will want to raise your SEO such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. These are things that I will allude to later in the blog of this website. Trust me when I say that you will want all of these things, and use them often.

Instead of trying to build your own website or going through a company, I would highly recommend You will have much more flexibility than trying to figure things out on your own. Again is automatically attached to or so you do not actually ever have to go to during the purchasing process. The great thing about it is that it has a great flexible and mostly user friendly back engine that anyone who can do Facebook can edit, add to, and create a website.

Worpress’ has the ability to have multiple themes and plugins to virtually create anything that you want to have your website look like and act. I would recommend even purchasing a premium theme to give your website that extra notch above everyone else’s website. You can go to websites like or

WordPress also allows you to have super flexibility with plugins. This is one of the MAIN reasons why you would use over There are literally thousands of plugins that you can get for your website, some are free and some are well…expensive. Anything you think your website should do, there is a plugin for that.

Very simply, do not waste your money on companies to build a logo for you. The best and cheapest solution by FAR is this website You are going to find out they they are not just a logo design company, but can help you out in MANY other ways with your website, literature, Youtube channel, marketing, etc. I wish this website was around when I first started my businesses.

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Silence the doubters! Put your big idea online! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!

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