How to Run My Business: Do Not Let Other People Tell You What To Do

How to Run My Business

Let me give you an illustration that affects all of us at one point in our business! We let other people tell us what to do…and they know nothing about what we are doing!

Story Time

You are a doctor! You are going in for a routine surgery that you have been doing for years! In preparation for the surgery, you go into meet the patient. You meet them and see how they are feeling that day! After the congeniality, you start discussing the surgery.

While going into detail of exactly what it will look like and how long the procedure will take the patient interrupts. The patient starts waxing eloquent on how they believe the procedure should be done. They go into detail of how you should do your job! The only problem is, they have never been a doctor. They do not know the trade! They honestly know nothing about anything, of what you are doing! Nothing!

At this point, you are flustered! You are not sure what to do! You buckle under the pressure of what the patient is suggesting! Instead of leaning on your expertise, you listen and follow, verbatim what the client tells you!

You start the procedure. About 30 minutes into the procedure you realize quickly that you should have stood up for your expertise! You should have not listened to the patience suggestions, as they have never had any skills in this situation. 30 minutes later…the patient dies! You try to revive her, but to no avail! Disaster!

What to Change

Just like this doctor, many of you allow your potential clients to run your business! You ask them to meet you, but then they ask a little question! “What is it?” You give in! And you vomit part of the information on them! You told them 10% of the presentation, and they made a 100% decision. They think they know! But they do not!

Another example is that you ask them to have a meeting with you! They say they are busy, and instead of scheduling an appointment, they ask you to send an email with a link! You give in and send them an email. They, at their own convenience, go to the link and do their “research.” At this point, they now have made and “educated” decision on your opportunity! They again had 45% information, but made a 100% decision!

Ultimately, you allowed them to tell you how to do YOUR business! They told you step by step of what you should do! Yet, they know NOTHING about what you do! And you followed their advice….and now what? They have made up their mind! And they want nothing to do with it!


“What is it?” …. “Well it is too hard to explain over the phone! It is best we meet. It will only take 30-45 minutes of your time! Unless you have questions of course! I think YOU would really be interested in it! Look if it is not for you, that is totally ok! Does 7PM Thursday work for you?”

“I am really busy, send me a link in an email!”…. “Unfortunately, it is something that it is really MUCH better in person! What does 5:30 on Thursday look like for you?”

See it is your business! You run it! If they are just insistent on trying to get the details before the meeting, just say, “Thanks for talking with me this short bit, obviously it is not the right time for you! We will catch up later!” I promise you, curiosity kills the cat! But DO NOT let the cat out of the bag at that point. Call them back up in few weeks from then. I promise they will be ALL ears at that point!

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