Instant Success in Your Network Marketing Business (7 Simple Steps)

Want to have success in your business? Treat it like a business! Most people are excited about network marketing when they start, but do not realize that they are nervous, scared, and fearful of the work that it actually takes to get it done.
They are worried about what other people will say to them about their business. I promise if you treat this like someone who is building a traditional brick and mortar business that you would look at things much different. Here are a few things that will help you each day build your business!
1. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Obviously the more things you do in one day with your business the quicker you are going to build it!
2. Make at least 15 presentations a month.
3. Set up one on one’s by appointment first. Do home meetings as a second touch. The business world thinks in appointments, not home meetings!
4. Rely heavily on 3rd Party validation. Find out who your upline is and call them…often. You do not know everything in the beginning. So let them do the heavy lifting. Remember this is a business about duplication…. Your prospects are looking at what you do! I they are thinking in their mind, “I have to do what this person is doing?!?!” If you make it too hard they may join…but they will quit after a while, if they cannot keep up!

5. Remember it is not who you know…but who you do not know that will run this business. Once you get some team builders find out immediately who their network is, and start working with them.

Business team hiding their faces behind question mark signs at office

6. Once your team starts growing, find the person in the lowest part of your business and work with them. If you get the lowest person working, then all of the people above them will be locked in!

7. Keep it Simple! Do not over complicate network marketing…. I believe that it is one of the easiest business models in the world…. The problem comes in the fact that most people will not takes the steps to build the business like it should be! Hone your skills! Your presentation should be filled with only the things NECESSARY in your business presentation! If it is not necessary, take it out of the presentation. You can always add more information when you follow up!

Remember you have the BEST business model on earth!  Make it successful!


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