How to Get People to Listen to Your Network Marketing Business

I get it, you are excited about your business!  And why wouldn’t you be!  You have an amazing opportunity right in front of you!  You are a network marketer!  You see the greatest business model on the face of the earth is network marketing.  You love your products, and you want EVERYONE to know about it!  This is great!  Your hair is on fire with excitement!

But before you go tell the world about what you have….make sure you understand what they want!  Often people get in network marketing and they go for the jugular!
lion kill

They explode their business and products on the prospect before they ever really listen to what their prospect wants or needs!  Not everyone thinks they need what you have!  Now both you know and I know…people are broke!  They need financial help and network marketing is a great key to helping them get out of the financial hole that they have gotten themselves into.  We also know that they need our products…..  but LISTEN….this is important.  NO one…and I mean NO ONE likes to be sold….they LOVE to buy, but no one likes to be sold.

What does this mean.  If you do not give them something of value.  If you do not give them something they want.  If you do not give them something they need.  They will put up a wall about you and your company.  This is yet another reason why I am NOT a fan of people using their personal Facebook accoun for their network marketing business.  When posting on FB, the typical network marketer forces their business and products on their friends/prospects.  Look at your FB feed, how many of your posts or friends posts are on their company….TRUST me…it get’s annoying after awhile, and I LOVE network marketing.  If it is annoying to someone who LOVES network marketing, think about all your friends who do not really UNDERSTAND what you are doing.

Network marketing for the longest of time has been known as the NFL….no friends league.  And I believe this is exactly the reason why it is known as the No Friends League!  Do not be a salesman!  Be a friend who is looking out for your friends.  Show that you care and have interest in them.  Not interest in getting their business!  Give them value not a sales pitch.

In my business whenever I am prospecting someone, I say these!

  • At the very beginning I chat with them for a few minutes so that I get to know them a little better.  Maybe during that brief time I can find some pains or needs in their life that they have currently.
  • I will not ask them to be a distributor….rather I am looking for a business partner.  (distributor implies heavy sales)
  • I tell them that I am not looking for sales people, but rather I want to build a business team through business partners.  (people in general hate sales)
  •  At the very beginning I let them know if it is not for them, that is completely ok with me (I give them an out, before I give them an in)
  • I tell them right up front that I value their friendship and relationship more than my MLM business.  I want to be friends after this conversation even if they say no to what I am offering them!

Remember, you believe that your network marketing company has value, but they will not see that at the beginning.  Give them value, and in turn they will give you time for you to share your company and products with them.  But whatever you do…do NOT be attached to your business.  If they say no…and they will…do not be offended.  Some people just do not get network marketing…and they never will.

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