How to Be Successful in Network Marketing

There is no magic formula!  There is no secret sauce!  There is no special trick!  But there are great tips to help you become successful and a professional.  What is the difference between a network marketer and a professional network marketer?  The people who become a professional network marketer set themselves up for success in the very beginning of their business.

If you are way past the beginning of your business we are glad you found us!  Now is the time to change what you are doing so that you can move forward faster and set yourself up for success!

Set Up Yourself for Success

Start Like a Pro.  Are you going to be a minimum person?  Or are you going to be a pro?  What does this mean!!  Well people when they jump into business, they treat it from the very beginning as a hobby.  They want to piddle around in their business, rather than really put effort into it!  They want to see if it works.  Let me tell you something about network marketing….”If you work the business like a business…it really works and pays like a business!  But if you play around with it like a hobby, it will only pay you like a hobby.

If you are going to commit to being in network marketing, I would encourage you to commit WHOLEHEARTEDLY!  People who only go in halfway/minimum into network marketing…  only get minimum out of network marketing.  MLM has a bad stigma to it, and the reason for that, is that often people do not really commit to it.  They then broadcast to everyone else in the world, that it does not work!  This is SOOO untrue!

If you come in minimum and expect pro expectations, the only thing you will get is frustration and discouragement!  The “I Quit” or “Network Marketing doesn’t work” attitude will come shortly their after!

The minimum person says things like “If I don’t go to convention, will you bring me home the notes!”  This person wants to do the minimum thing and also wants to get the maximum compensation!  It WILL NOT work!

1.  Sign Up With the Highest Package Available

Let’s say your start-up package is $1200.  If you want to build a brick and mortar business, or buy into a franchise, that $1200 is JUST stationery for that company.  This is just a tiny fraction of a traditional business.  The reason why there are levels of packages is because the highest package is there for the SERIOUS person!  This is the serious business builder.  This is for the one who really wants to run in the business!  You only have one story!  You only have one start!

If you go to the smaller packages you are only half in the business!  You are not committed!  You do not have the skin in the game to move forward with getting the business moving faster! You are only in halfway to becoming that Professional Network Marketer!  This network marketing game is a game of imitation.  Your prospects will do as you do!  Do you want all of them to come in halfway?  Do you want all of them to work half hearted to becoming a professional?

2.  Familiarize Yourself

You do need to know about your business, company, and products!  However, in the beginning do not let these rule your life!  Rely on your team to help you be successful.  Many times people get all of the information and vomit the information on all of their potential clients….this can be detrimental!  Have your team do the presentations for you.  I also DO NOT RECOMMEND you using social media.   Trust me on this one!  Your friends are forming a biased opinion everytime you post something on social media.  They have not heard all the information, yet they are making a 100% decision upon the little information that they have been giving! Also….it is ANNOYING!  Many people unfollow or unfriend there friends on social media because of the constant bombardment of network marketing.

I have seen my friends on Facebook, make post after post after post after post after post about their company and products.  They then call me and say, “Hey there is something I want to share with you.”  By the time they finish the sentence, I told them I know that you are in “such and such a company” and I am not interested.  However, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a professional network marketer.  I am in the top ranks of our entire company.  Let me help you build your business.  This is what you should and should not do.”  In other words, I saw them coming from a mile away.  I did not give them the TIME of day to educate me on their opportunity!  If you look at my Facebook page, you will see that I have NEVER ever posted one thing about my network marketing business. Most of my friends have NO clue that I am a professional network marketer.

Learn about your company.  Learn about their past, present, and future.  Learn about their products.  But UNDERSTAND…you are not the message.  You are the educator!  Do not be a salesman….be a business owner.  Be a professional.


3.  Attend Events

I know what you are thinking, but trust me on this one!  You need to be there!  Commit to going to every corporate run event!  It is a must!  Conventions, regionals, and local meetings are a must for your business.  Look at it this way, are you a professional network marketer?  Most likely not, that is why you are reading this!  Do you want to be one?  Then you need to learn from those who are successful!  You need to learn from the professionals.  Do not reinvent the wheel.  Learn from those who are successful.  Do not try to figure it out on your own!  They know, because they have been there!


4.  Get Your Database

You want to build your database into at least 200 names and into 4 different categories.  You will define them as Cold, Warm, Hot, and Chicken List.

Cold-  People you do not know…say a waiter or waitress

Warm-  People you know, but are not your closest of friends.  Your family should ALSO be in this category.  WHY?  They are your BIGGEST critic.  They are going to think you are crazy for joining network marketing.

Hot-  These are people who you “KNOW” will join.  These are people you can walk right into their house and grab food out of the refrigerator.

Chicken List-  This is your BEST prospects.  Most of the time, these are the people who make the business run.  These are people who you respect.  They have influence in many areas.

You are going to want to start with your Cold and Hot list first.  These people are usually the most forgiving of your invite.  You do not want to spoil your Warm and Chicken list market until you have perfected your inviting skills.

If you go to this ARTICLE, we will teach you how to build an unlimited database, we will also send you an AWESOME database builder!


5.  Educate Yourself

What is the difference between a doctor and a pre-med student?  What is the difference between a professional athlete and an amatuer athlete?  What is the difference between a lawyer and one who uses legalzoom?  Very simple….they all have the education.  Yes experience as well. But education is the key.  You need to learn what they do.  Here is a RESOURCE list of books, that I would HIGHLY recommend you to read.  You need to educate yourself.  Most career fields expect at least a 4 year degree, why would we think that we can just jump into network marketing and think that we will be an instant success?  Learn your industry and learn about your company, and learn it from the professionals.

If you can jump into your business with these 5 steps…you are well on your way to becoming a professional network marketer.  Obviously, this is just the beginning, but you are now on your way to making great leaps and bounds to becoming professional.


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