What Professional Network Marketers DO…That The Others Won’t!

You may be asking yourself this exact same question.  How do they get to be professional network marketers? We start throwing out all types of excuses as to why we are not professional network marketers:

  • I do not have enough contacts
  • The timing is gone with the company
  • My downline is not working
  • I don’t have the time
  • They do not pay me enough to continue wanting to work
  • The company changed


Are these valid?  Well this is really what separates the Professional MLMer from the wanna be professional MLMer!  See here is the magic lotion and potion of network marketing….are you ready?  I mean this is big!! This is huge!  You better have a piece of paper and a pen ready to write down the magic sauce for how to be a professional network marketer!


The secret sauce is that the professional network marketer does the 1% that no one else will do!  No seriously that is it!  They do not make excuses!  They do not quite, they do not allow frustration to be the center of their attention.  Let us be honest.  Building a business (ANY type of business) is HARD work!  It is the 1% that they successful do, that the, if you will, losers won’t.  As my mentor Eric Worre says, network marketing is not perfect, it is just better!  I have to say…I AGREE!

How am I successful?  I did not quite when it seemed like I should! I did not give up, when all indications said to give up.  During my time of beginning my network marketing business, I had several people in my upline say that they were going ALL the way to the top.  They were going to make it no matter how hard it was.  They were the most competitive person they knew and nothing would stop them.  They said that no matter what changes may come, they will still press on!  Well guess what… they have now quit!

Here is a news flash…Things change in MLM companies ALL the time!  As a professional network marketer have those changes ever affected my business so much that I lost my business…. And long term in all cases they typically have helped my business grow faster!  People often complain about how companies change and that it has affected their business.  I can tell you the only thing that has affected their business, is their attitude!

Your attitude is a choice!  Remember those words…you can choose to have a good attitude and you can choose to have a bad one.  Here is something else that you can do!  You can choose to be the 1% or you can choose not to!  Your business is your business, and no one else’s!  Do not blame the company, your team, your downline, your upline, the compensation, the products, the business, or anything else!  The reason why you are not where you want to be in your business is very simple! You choose not to do the 1%!

My downline, company, compensation, products, or anything else determine my success in my company!  I did not become a professional network marketer by accident.  It happened because I worked hard at it!  It is a biblical principle, you reap what you sow!  If you want to quit, remember the only one to blame is yourself!  You chose not to do the 1%.  You joined a MLM company, because you saw the difference! You saw that it was better.  You saw that there was hope!  And you know what….you were right!  I would encourage you, to stop making excuses and start doing the 1%! Start doing what the rest of your team will not!  Make the calls, contact people, invite people to meetings, become professional, by being and acting like a professional!

If you do not know what makes a professional network marketer a professional…go ahead…find one…and ask them!  How does a professional football player become a professional?  How does a professional musician become professional?  They learn the trade, and become the best at it!  Find those professional MLMers and ask them, study them, and then most important….do what they do!11188298_828589033863073_4579759526477777770_n

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