How to Close In Network Market

Closing the deal is super crucial to any body in network marketing.  Of course if you do not invite you will never be able to get to the close!  So make sure you get proper instruction on your invite! We will write about that later.

But until then…here are the ways that I close a deal!  To be honest I did not make these myself, but have been using them for a long time…they WORK!  I got them from MASTER Network Marketer and Teacher Eric Worre, from His Book GO PRO. I would HIGHLY recommend that you read this!  One of the BEST books on network marketing you can read!



  1. What did you like best about what you saw?
  2. On a scale of 1-10,  10 being your ready to get started right now, where are you?
  3. If you were going to get started part time, how much money would you need to make in order for this thing to be worth your time?
  4. Approximately how many hours are you willing to commit to making that type of income?
  5. How many months would you be willing to work in order to develop that type of income?
  6. If I …..would you?
                    If I could show you how do to do that you, would you become my business partner?
At the end of those questions, you will know exactly where the people stand!  Follow up, Follow up!  This is what separates the professional network marketers from the rest!
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