Overcoming Objections to Network Marketing


Handling objections is very important when it comes to Network Marketing.  A key that one must place in their heart, is that an objection does not mean they are against it, but they need to overcome it to make sense of it and potentially join your company.  This will be an ever growing list.

Many of these objections can be easily overcome, by asking them a question.  Just because they object, does not mean they really understand what they are truly asking.

Objection:  Is this Network Marketing?

Answer:  What do you mean by Network Marketing?


Objection:  Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

Answer:  What do you mean by Pyramid Scheme?

Objection:  Is this where the guy on the top get’s paid all the money?

Answer:  What do you mean by the guy on top get’s paid all of the money?

Objection:  I do not have the time?

Answer:  How much time do you think it will take you?

Answer 2:  If I can show you a way to do this in the course of what you already do, would you let me show you?

Objection:  I do not have the money?

Answer:  Is money the only thing holding you back from joining?

       Part 2 Answer:  If I could show you how you could join for free, would you let me?

Objection:  I am not a salesman!

Answer:  What makes you think this is sales?


There are many more objections!  Do you have any?  Comment below, and I will answer them as well!

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