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I am SUPER excited about this new app that I have been using for the last couple of weeks!  It is fairly new and has ONLY been out for a couple of months! It is called PERISCOPE!  I have been using PRIMARILY for my network marketing business.  If you follow me, you find out which Network Marketing company I have been a part of and get great tips about MLM in general.  Some of the tips are obviously about my company directly, but if you are  a network marketer this is a great place to get tips in general!


This is a live video stream application for your smart phone!  It has been a great source to build my team as well as help other people in the network marketing industry!  It obviously can be used in MULTIPLE different venues, but hey, I like it for MLM business!

If you are looking for a new platform to reach more audience, so far I HIGHLY recommend this app!


Get it at the link below….


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Want to learn more about this new app?  READ HERE!


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