Do You REALLY want to make money with Network Marketing!? Forget about the product!

People often join network marketing thinking that they are going to earn thousands! And MOST Fail in network marketing.  There are many reasons for that:

  1. They greatly overestimate the amount of money they will make in the beginning
  2. They think network marketing is a free ride to wealth
  3. They think that if someone get’s under them they can just sit back relax and watch their business grow without them
  4. They focus too much on the product, and they do not understand that their wealth is built around the business
  5. They become in your face salesmen

With those points being made, I want to strongly encourage you…..if you want to make real money in network marketing…FORGET ABOUT THE PRODUCT!  Forget it…act like it does not exist.  Below is a conversation I have had with a new network marketer.  I will protect the innocent by not giving his name.

  • ME

If you are looking to make money to help you with breathing room in life!…I think you need to look at the business of **Their Company** a WHOLE lot different…

  •  MY Friend

How so?

  • ME

well those videos will definitely help with that…there are 2 different types of models in running a MLM business….One that makes real money….and one that makes hobby money….which one are you interested in?

  • My Friend


  •  ME

    So which one is it?

  • My Friend

You probably think I’m confused, and I probably am. I would like to make a living!

  •  ME

LOL>..yes I am confused..sooo if that is the case than you need run with this business…not with this product!

  •  My Friend

    Got it

  •  Me

    So in other words…stop leading with the product…if the product is as good as you believe the product will sell itself…. But the business will be what will change your finances….

    Have you made any customers or distributors yet?


  •  My Friend

    No…my wife said she would like to promote it, but she hasn’t even tried it yet.

    Others are willing to give it a shot if it’s free

    And some are so skeptical they won’t even give it a look

  •  Me

    hmm…well dont give away product…its a business…if that is how you want to run it…you are losing money every time…… you give it away.

    the reason why they are skeptic is because of 2 reasons…number one they way you are promoting it! and number 2 the fact that you are giving them WAYYYY too much information. You are giving them verbal vomit! They are forming a biased opinion before they ever even have an opportunity to hear the REAL presentation. This is again the reason why we do not advertise on FB….

  •  My Friend

    How do you promote the business then?

  • Me

    What do you know about the business? Why is it better than any other MLM? Compensation, system, leadership, corporate? What do you know about that?

  • My Friend

    I know that with the cloud technology there is very little administration so that means more compensation for the workers. I know they have a pretty aggressive compensation/reward schedule. 4-12% personal commission depending on which level. 4-8% in Team commission, $800 monthly luxury car bonus after 12k monthly sales

     As well as 4 completely paid for trips once above 12k monthly sales
  •  Me

    OK so do you what the truth about compensation and MLM?

  • My Friend

As far as the company, they are leading the industry shift in health and fitness. They are starting with social media sites (le-vel) and have the Thrive product line.

What do you mean?

Your top performers are the ones making you money?

  •  Me

    Well…you are being a given a sales pitch…but there is not a whole of truth in what they are telling you….it is not that they are not paying you those things…. but the compensation is designed in 99% of the cases in network marketing in favor of corporate and not the distributors

    And who says they are leading the industry in health and fitness? Who is saying that? Where are you getting the information….

    Remember people are not joining a company they are following you….so they are going to follow EVERYTHING you say…if you tell them that **YOUR COMPANY** is the best **THEIR PR on the fast of the earth and that it will make you grow 5 feet taller they will believe you….. SO it is important to have your data inline…..

    If people are telling you these things…you need to validate them…it is your job and NO one else’s. Even if your upline says it….does not mean you have to believe it…Validate validate validate….

    Everything i say about Lifevantage I can source it….

    *My Friend

    How do you lead with the business?


    Well…teach them what makes your company a good company to invest their time and money… What makes it a good company to build a business…to financially invest in.

    tell them how this will help with retirement through residual income.

    Again the product should sell itself so do not spend a whole lot of time on the product

    when I give my  presentations…it takes me 30 minutes total…only 2 of those minutes are about the products….even though we have 20+ universities studying it….the opportunity in all reality is WAY more powerful than the product. I LOVE our products and take ALL of them everyday. This business is my full time paycheck and my retirement!

    People are broke…they are poor and they need financial help. IN most cases in life people who get rid of financial problems often get rid of health problems…. Help them solve their financial issues by sharing with them the business.

    I know you told me that your company is telling you to go social media crazy…but take it from a very successful professional network marketer….that is NOT the route to go!

    If you want your business to thrive….lead with the business…meet people face to face….and show them you care about their needs (in some cases that is with the product). However, more people are broke then they are sick!

    My Friend

    I think that sounds more appetizing than the product


    That is how I do it in **MY COMPANY**…and that is how any experienced network marketer would tell you to do it!

    My Friend

     So don’t promote [my website on social Media], because its verbal vomit?


    That is not verbal vomit…..What you post on FB is vomit…your words Such as

    “Hey Everyone! Have you heard about **MY Product**, but didn’t know where to find out more? check out this link and feel free to explore the site. Create a free account to find out more @ **MY WEBSITE**”

    or “After careful evaluation, I have decided that I want people to thrive through life. I have officially become a promoter of **MY COMPANY**! If you would like to give **MY Product** a shot, create a free account @ **MY WEBSITE**.”

    or “Anybody want to prove **MY Product** wrong? I’ll pay you if you can do it.”


    …..the problem with posting your website page is that they are doing their “research” and ultimately forming a biased opinion before you are PROPERLY able to educate them about your business and product

    You need to do that through AUDIBLE voices. Face to face or over the phone. Skype even works too!


    Hopefully you see through the interaction with this new network marketing business builder the importance of why understanding the business and how the business works, is key to building a financial empire with your network marketing business.  In future posts we will talk about the key ingredients of leading with the business.


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