How do you convince your friends who are in a network marketing business to join your network marketing business

Recently I had a delightful conversation with a friend of mine who has recently joined a network marketing business. Within a few days of his business, he realized the struggle that some people have when they realize many of their friends are already part of/or trying another MLM company’s products that are similar to the one’s of their company.  I will keep the innocent…innocent!  But hopefully you can learn something from this conversation.

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It’s kinda weird asking you this, but as a MLM what do you do when they are already doing another MLM product? I’ve seen enough change in my life that I’d like to promote my product, but a lot of the people I have numbers for are on some product called **My Product** ;). What should I do?

  • Me

Well sir…you are asking a tall order! When trying to convince someone to jump off of their product to go to a different product you are going to have to STRONGLY convince them why yours is better…. In MOST cases you might be able to do this!

It is important to understand what your are going up against, whether it is “MY Company” products or any other companies!

Like I said in most cases, I would say you probably will not have to do too much convincing. But Science is what is important.

Another thing about selling products through MLM is People will ask themselves…why should I believe **MY Friend**? They are not caring what the company is! They are not caring what the Science is! I know that may be contrary to what I just said…but in order for them to get to the science they have to get to the next phase…which is…

They are asking themselves, is **MY Friend** trustworthy? Do I respect him? Is he a person I can count on? Is he a person that I would like to be in business with, hang around with, and talk with frequently if I do decide to become part of this business? If you are not a person that they see as someone they respect….then you are going to have a hard time convincing them no matter how awesome the product is.

If you have a product that will regrow your limbs if they were cut off….people will still not buy, if they do not have respect for you! This is how the world of network marketing works! Network marketing is a PHENOMENAL business, but it is also a business where there is ALOT of personal growth. This is a great thing…but it is also very hard!

As I studied your company, there are couple of other things that Stuck out to me:

The price point is not bad for your main products, but maybe a tad bit high! It is not Publicly Traded

No independent research

The other thing is that as I said before, people do not want to be sold…As I said before…you are being salesey with all of your FB advertising you have been doing. I am telling you, you are turning people off to both your product AND also your respect. TRUST me on this one! I want to give you the second warning on that.

I want you to succeed but I am telling you that there is a learning curve that you do need to learn very quickly. I am here to help… Please do not take this email as chiding, but just trying to help you understand the world that you live in with MLM business. If you do not learn these…you will crash and burn in your business quickly. I do not want you to do that…that is why I am trying to help.

  •  My Friend

    Can I learn the learning curve through your videos?

  • ME

    Some yes for sure…they will help you start that curve…but there is a lot that I have not put in video or literature form! SO…there will have to be much more training in the future!

    Again I would recommend that you read the books on my message that I suggested as well. I think they are in audio form as well.

    Remember most of all you are just trying to be their friend! If you come off like you do not care about them, but only about their money…they will run far away from you!  They will also mark your friendship for the bad!  When people see that we genuinely care about them, they have a MUCH higher chance of order or joining with us!



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