STOP Posting Your MLM Business and Products on Facebook and Social Media


Some people think that social media is the way to build a MLM business.  Let me tell you it is not!  How often have you been scrolling down your Facebook feed and see all of your friends who are in an MLM business.  You see their products and business and you see them CRAMMING it down your throat!  Does that really make you want to buy or join in them in their business?



Let me tell you your MLM business will be BEST run if you do it person to person, face to face, knee to knee, belly to belly!  People like human interaction, despite what you might learn from Facebook, your best interaction to investing in your business is through person to person.

When doing it over Facebook, most people do not want to then interact with you in a person to person situation. Why? because they “know” all about it from your Facebook post.

We both know they don’t, but they think they do.

The other problem is alot of time new MLM business owners think that they are doing the business when posting in Social Media, when in all reality, they are really hurting themselves more than helping their business.

Watch this several times and learn from it!

Most people use Facebook as their business outlet, because they do not think they know many people!  If Your last 13 of 17 posts have been about your business. How do you think that your FB friends responds to the fact that the LARGE majority of your posts are just one thing! They get irritated! Just something for you to think about!

You might say….”well I have made some customers from it!”  Yes, but think of all of the ones you have lost?  More people will run from it, than join it, because of a LACK of education about what you are really offering!  They do now know what they do not know….they will form the opinion THEY want to form.

Who do you know? friends, family, acquaintances, old coworkers, old school buddies, etc…trust me you KNOW people. I give this analogy to people. IF I had a gun pointed to your head and said get 200 names….how quick would you get 200 names?  If you think that out of the people you know only 35 people would be interested…how do you know that?  How do you know they are interested or not? Why are you prejudging people? How many people do you know that have health issues? How many people do you know that are broke? How many people do you know that live pay check to pay check? How many people do you know that have not retirement?


Do you really want this business to work? Are you really trying to make a life changing income? Then STOP playing with your business!  Work it like it is a multi-million dollar business.  I would encourage you to go here and read these books! I am not joking I think you really should read all of them!

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