3 Reasons Why I stopped Reading Business Magazines

In the day of news being live streamed, everything comes to your finger tips in the blink of tweet!  The fastest news outlet in the world!  If you want real time updates on business and whats hot, trending, and whats not, the internet is the place to get that information!

So because of that I have stopped reading business magazines!  And here’s the reasons why!

1.  If it is on print, it is old news!  If it is old news it is worthless!  You might as well throw your money from the magazine away!  We are living in the information age!  If you are not connected to the internet for trends and updates, you are missing on all of the real time information!

If you are in for investing, whether real estate, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.  Do not get your information from the newspaper or magazines.  You must be connected!


2.  Magazines crowd out what you need to be focused on!  If you are a  investor in stocks, you want to focus on the next big stock!  If you are a real estate investor, you need to know what markets are dipping and what markets are rising!

Magazines have multiple avenues of business.  It is hard to focus on one thing, when they have a plethora of information on multiple topics.


3.  They are narrow minded to what they think you should need!  Think about it.  The internet allows you to investigate anything and everything.  Magazines focus on what they think is interesting, on what they want you to you to know.

Have you ever thought that maybe they tell you what you want to hear, to distract you from what they want to invest in?  I mean why tell other people how to get rich?



If you are looking for business tips on how to run your business, magazines might be a great way to help you work on those aspects.  But if you are looking for new insight on what you should be investing in, stay away from magazines!

What do you think?  Do magazines still have value in our information age of technology?  Comment below!

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