5 Tips to Plan for Your Financial Future

1.  Identify how you are going to survive!  Believe it or not, most people let everyone dictate how they are going to financially survive!  This does not even make sense!  What if a catastrophic economic crisis happens?  How are you going to survive?  Who are you going to rely on? and When do you expect to run out of money?

A good financial adviser says it is always good to have at least 6 months of cashflow in the bank in case of emergency. How are you doing with that?  If you are like most people, 94%, then you most likely do not even have 1 month of survival in the bank!

2.  You work hard for money, but you have very little to show for it, at the end of your life.  You cannot save your way to retirement.  Take control of your own life, don’t let the financial institutions tell you how to run your money.  Cash is the worst investment that you make.  If you follow an economist you are in trouble.  Learn from people who know how to handle their finances.  I do not know how the government can solve your money problems when it cannot solve its own money problems.  If an economic crisis happens are you going to rely on the government who cannot handle their own finances?

3.  Fail fast, learn faster!  It is OK to fail in your investments as long as you learn faster from your failures when it comes to future investing.  If you are not being successful, it is because your are not making enough mistakes.  To change your financial outcome, often means you have to change your mindset

4.  The greatest opportunity in economic history is here!  When the economy collapses soon, this is a the best place for a wise business man to get wealthy.  If you are smart investor this is the best place to invest.


Some well known business men estimate this crash to happen in 2016.  That is only a few months away…what are you doing about it now?  During this time, the rich will get richer, and the poor and middle class will disappear.  Do not run from problems with the economy crash, because that is where the opportunities are at!  Be optimistic about the future…it will crash.

5. Leverage someone else’s money.  Often people think in order to have wealth you have to have money.  They say in order to make money you have to have money!  This is not true!  The problem is that there is a lack of education of how money works.  So people who do not have money, do not make money, because they do not know how money works!  The wealthy people know how money works!  They reduce their taxes.  Fastest way to put money in your pocket is to reduce your taxes.

How do you do this?  Simple, they form corporations. They build business!  Most people find job security!  But there really is no security in your future!  Ignorance WILL bring a financial disaster.  Most people think that 401k’s are the solution.  401K’s are risky if you want to build wealth. Not just because of market instability; you are taxed higher, you can’t leverage your assets, and you are penalized if you withdraw funds early.  Risk is often proportionate to the amount of financial education you have. The more you know, the less risk you will likely incur. Like driving a car… A new driver is more likely to get into an accident than an experienced driver.


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