If you are looking to start a business…any business you really are a unique person!  There is just not alot of us people out there!  Many people have been brainwashed to think that corporate America is the answer to Americas economy and retirement problems!  One of the reasons you are probably starting a business is because you understand that the system of corporate America is severely broken.  You have made the right decision!

The unfortunate thing is that most people are not educated in business and so many people fail in business. It is important to continuously learn about business, money, and how all of these things work together.  Because most people do not understand how business works it is essential to talk with your friends, business partners, and other business owners before launching your business.

Things that you need to do to start your business off right:

  • Establish partners and investors(if needed)
  • Establish a business model
  • Talk with a Tax Professional and decide what type of corporation you should use.
  • Have your Tax Professional establish and legalize your business and register it with the state
  • By insurance to protect your new new corporation and business
  • Build a website
  • Establish a schedule to work your business
  • Market your business

The most important piece of advice I could give to you is, “Don’t Quit!”  Business is a challenge to anyone!  Especially if you are a new to the world of business it can be very challenging and discouraging!  Find people who want to support you and encourage in your business!

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